Cutting Edge Billing Technology and Automation


Billing Dynamix offers State of the Art Billing Technology and automated claim processing that takes advantage of over 2.5 million quality assurance rules.

Vericle Straight Through Processiing

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Since 2006, Billing Dynamix has invested in improving, refining, and automating the “Straight Through Process” to reduce billing delays, remove the potential causes of denials, and monitor for underpayments.  This leads to reduced collection times, greater compliance and higher reimbursements.

Our claim processing system offers complete transparency and control over your billing processes, with built-in quality assurance, follow-up and denial management.  Our highly trained, outsourced billing services are also available to support your practice.

Billing Dynamix clients average 95% of all insurance claims paid in full in under 120 days, and 85% of all payments in under 60 days

  • 100% Web-based technology
  • Multi-specialty facilities billing (ie. Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Medical, etc)
  • Multiple facilities/multiple tax ID capable
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility Billing
  • Full workers compensation submission and follow up support.
  • Account Executive dedicated to your practice from the first day
  • Personalized billing management
  • Clearinghouse enrollment support
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Expert billing team available for demographic, charge, and EOB entry
  • Electronic and manual verification checks available
  • Denial management and appeals
  • Claim underpayment monitoring
  • Powerful on-line analytics and custom reporting available 24/7
  • Available 3rd party integrated credit card processing and automated posting
  • Unlimited support to all office members through internal tickets and telephone calls
  • Technical Support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year