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Cloud Based Practice Management Software

All of Your Practice Management Needs Under 1 Roof.

Billing Dynamix offers a state of the art, cloud based, practice management and medical billing system seamlessly integrating Revenue Cycle Management with scheduling and EHR.

It is all supported by industries best account management help and support with available full service billing teams.

Cloud Based Practice Management Software

Integrated Practice Management

Intelligent Software that’s
Personalized For YOU.

Developed by experts in the fields of transaction management and finance, our automated, transparent office and billing workflow will provide you the confidence that every dollar is being paid and nothing is being missed.  Constantly monitoring your patient relationship and finances, Billing Dynamix automatically alerts you to problems within your practice.

Better Organization.
Better Peace of Mind.

With Billing Dynamix’s single-metric centric system, you have the confidence that everything has been completed for the day. All of your patients have been take care of, all of your claims have been addressed, and you can relax knowing it’s all been done and your patient’s experience a consistent experience every visit.

Single Metric System

Straight Through Billing Processing

Medical Billing Processing

Automated claim processing, 1.5 million quality assurance rules updated daily, automated denial management and follow-up with quality assurance rules and a process that provides complete transparency and control of your billing process. This leads to higher reimbursements, reduced collection times, and complete confidence.  With our full-service billing, offices on average see over 96% of all payments collected in under 120 days.

Export and Open
in Your Favorite Program

And detailed and customizable reporting tools that can also easily be exported into Excel or Quickbooks.

Excell Practice Export

Learn how Billing Dynamix can help you streamline your practice and increase your insurance reimbursements.

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Kathleen Casbarro

Kathy Casbarro, CPC-A, CPC-B, Billing Operations Director

Armand Olivares

Armand Olivares, Lead Help Desk Consultant

Cristyn Boeling

Cristyn Boeling – BDX Senior Account Executive / SPOC


Eldad DeMedonsa, PhD

Eldad DeMedonsa, PhD- President

Yuval Lirov, PhD

Yuval Lirov, PhD- COO

Erez Lirov

Erez Lirov- CTO


Thomas Jorno- VP of Business Development