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Integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR Integration)

Our Flagship Software

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For Physical Therapists

BDX has worked with PTs to design the premiere Physical Therapy Practice Management and Billing Software solution. With built-in third-party software for patient education and custom forms for Physical Therapy SOAP notes, PTs spend less time documenting and billing, and more time seeing patients with increased treatment time.  Seamlessly integrated with our physical therapy billing services.

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For Chiropractors

ALIGN has been designed to optimize the efficiency and profitability of chiropractic and multi-specialty clinics of all sizes. Lightning fast documentation, multi-specialty support and innovative workflow management allow chiropractors to focus on treating their patients.  Perfectly integrated with our expect full service billing system, ALIGN is guaranteed to make your office more profitable.

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Integrated EHR Partners

WebPT WebPT: Physical Therapy Software

WebPT is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management solution tailored specifically to rehab therapists. Billing Dynamix has been successfully integrated with webPT for nearly a decade and is used by hundreds of therapists around the country.

Clinicmaster Clinicmaster Physiotherapy Practice Management System

Billing Dynamix is proud to have exclusively partnered with Clinicmaster. Clinicmaster goes beyond conventional clinic software systems. Considered the best by many, Clinicmaster offers EMR, scheduling, online portals, web appointment, integration with third-party software including FOTO, TELUS eClaims & more.

Cedaron Cedaron APTA Connect

Billing Dynamix, LLC (BDX) has partnered with Cedaron to provide Connect. Connect was created through a partnership between APTA, ASHT, and the AOPT with Cedaron Medical Inc, it is a point-of-care, computerized patient record system designed specifically for PTs, OT’s, and SLP’s. Although it was originally designed for PTs, it also contains specialized documentation for other health care professionals.

Why Integrate with Billing Dynamix?

Billing Dynamix will provide you with the best of both possible worlds.

We have found some amazing scheduling and EHR Systems, but we have not found a system that does both medical records and billing both exceptionally well. There is always a compromise.

There’s a is a reason for this. The expertise necessary to build a world class system for these tasks is extremely different.

Our billing system was designed by experts in the fields of finance, telecommunication, systems management and artificial intelligence.

These engineers used their expertise to build a system that would provide all medical specialists the advantage against the powerful insurance companies.

Through a strategic partnership, we can offer our providers the best of all possible worlds by completing the strengths of each other. That eliminates the need for compromise in your billing technology.

Integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Our Partners

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Learn how Billing Dynamix can help you streamline your practice and increase your insurance reimbursements.

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