We’ve made our new, Telehealth solution available to all our clients at no charge through the end of the summer.* Treat your patients remotely Billing Dynamix is eager to announce that... Read More

The Billing and Coding Conundrum

Written by Billing Dynamix

The non-time-based codes are pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you may or may not be aware of. Read More

The Missing Link in Documentation

Written by Billing Dynamix

CMS requires that our documentation includes a “functional outcome assessment using a standardized functional outcome assessment tool on the date of the encounter AND documentation of a care plan ... Read More

Subjective Complaints

Written by Billing Dynamix

Who Makes Up These Rules for Documentation? The answer is… Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services And that applies to all patients who are 18 years old or older, not just your Medicare patients.... Read More

Smart watches in the treatment of Osteoarthritis 

Written by Billing Dynamix

Smartwatches are increasing in popularity selling an estimated 22.5 million units in the United States in 2020. With capabilities to monitor heart rate, activity, falls, sleep, and even an ... Read More

Depression Considerations

Written by Billing Dynamix

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is prevalent in the United States with over 30 million adults meeting the criteria at some point in their lives. MDD can also occur repeatedly in one's lifetime. ... Read More

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