How to Fight Burnout as a Therapist

Written by Thomas Jorno

Nick Blonski, UNM DPT ’21      As a physical therapist, we are placed in high paced environments that push us to what feels like our breaking point. They do this to ... Read More

The Role of Social Determinants of Health

Written by Thomas Jorno

Nick Blonski, SPT I have have had the opportunity to work in a pro bono lab and volunteer at an adult men’s homeless shelter. Having these chances to work with an underserved population and ... Read More

Let's Talk About Food

Written by Thomas Jorno

Nick Blonski, UNM DPT ’21 As physical therapists in the world of direct access many times we are the first people to welcome physical therapists into the world of health care. One of our ... Read More

Nick Blonksi, UNM DPT ’21 Medicare is a federal health insurance program that contains four parts (A-D) and is accessible for individuals that are 65 years or older, younger individuals with... Read More

Mini-Clinics Prevent Burnout As a Student

Written by Thomas Jorno

Lisa Peterkin, UNM SPT We hear about burnout after a physical therapist begins practicing for a few years, and learn about ways to prevent it and remain interested and invested in your practice ... Read More

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