Running Gait Analysis

Written by Billing Dynamix

If you are an athlete, you would love to run faster with astounding physical endurance and if you love an evening stroll you would love to walk with increased efficiency and stamina. To increase the ... Read More

“Old and Sad” Isn’t Normal BY Megan Cheng, SPT UNM School of Medicine Division of Physical Therapy It made sense for her to feel down. My great-grandmother was an ... Read More

Should You Switch to a Cloud-Based Practice Management System?

Written by Billing Dynamix

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Practice Management System for Your Chiropractic Clinic Technology changed our world, and new developments are usually grounded in or make use of digital platforms. The ... Read More

A Comfortable Clinic

Written by Billing Dynamix

EInterior Decorating to Enhance Patient Care Megan Cheng, SPT I was nervous as soon as I walked into the exam room, and not because I’m scared of the dentist. I didn’t know where to put ... Read More

How to Type Faster

Written by Billing Dynamix

University of New Mexico, Division of Physical Therapy I don’t know anyone who went into healthcare to pursue their passion for documentation. Our goal is to treat patients. But as a student, ... Read More

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