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New bestPT Documentation designed by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Division of Physical Therapy

NMU School of Medicine

Integrated EHR partners

or use your other favorite EHR program with our best-in-class billing technology.

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WebPT is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management solution tailored specifically to rehab therapists. Billing Dynamix has been successfully integrated with webPT for nearly a decade and is used together by hundreds of therapists around the country.

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Billing Dynamix has partnered with Cedaron to provide Connect. Connect was created through a partnership between APTA, ASHT, and the AOPT with Cedaron Medical Inc, it is a point-of-care, computerized patient record system designed specifically for PTs, OT’s, and SLP’s.

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One complete system that provides you the tools to manage all aspects of your practice. From marketing, scheduling, EMR, to client relationship management. Clinicmaster is the most popular software in Canada representing the next generation of practice management technology and partnering exclusively with Billing Dynamix.

Epic is a cloud-based EHR solution catering to a number of specialties. The software is in use across a broad range of practices, from community hospitals and independent practices to multi-specialty hospital groups and hospice care providers.  Our integration enables you to use the same EHR at use in a facility, while controling your own billing and reporting through Billing Dynamix.

Physical Therapy Practice - Streamline paperwork, documentation and billing.
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Physical Therapy Practice Management and Billing Software

Billing Software for Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Practice Management

  • Clinical Documentation designed by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine
  • Seamlessly Integrates with other popular EHR systems
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Training and Support for Your Entire Office
  • Manage multiple locations and multiple specialities (ex. PT, Chiro, Massage, ect.)
  • Increases officiency efficiency and refines practice workflow
  • Single Metric Management
  • Automates Delegation of Office Tasks
  • Encrypted, HIPAA compliant,internal message system
  • Comprehensive Reports that are easily customized and easily exportable
  • 2 way text messaging and appointment Reminders
  • Integrated, HIPAA compliant Telehealth

Physical Therapy
Billing Software

  • Complete Cloud Base Revenue Cycle Management System
  • Automated Presubmission review of all claims and task delegation
  • Complete claim monitoring, rejection management, underpayment monitors, and balance tracking
  • Automated Payment Posting
  • Complete Transparency for the Practice Owner
  • Full Service and In-house billing options
  • item icon=”check” circle=”false”]Remote payment collection[/item]

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A Much Better Workflow

Straight Through Processing

Since 2008, Billing Dynamix has invested in improving, refining, and automating our “Straight Through Processing” system to reduce billing delays, remove the potential causes of denials, and monitor for underpayments. This leads to reduced collection times, greater compliance and higher reimbursements.

Our claim processing system offers complete transparency and control over your billing processes, with built-in quality assurance, follow-up and denial management. Our highly trained, outsourced billing services are available to support your practice.

Physical Therapy Practice Management - Billing Dynamix gets me paid - Michael Walsh, PT
Physical Therapy Billing and Practice Management - Joe O'Connor, PT

See what our clients say.

Just click the link for a free consult. They will not bother you, it's not their style to be aggressive and bug people. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I have been using them for almost six years now, since I opened my clinic and I can't say enough about how smoothly everything has run. They literally take care of everything - my office consists of my laptop, a printer/scanner, and a paper shredder. That's it.
Paul H (Wang, DPT, CSCS), Pacific Sports Rehab, LLC
bestPT has streamlined all of our billing procedures, making our office more efficient and more profitable. Their staff is always willing to help me tackle the next insurance hurdle and make sure that the claims keep rolling out. I have enjoyed working with them for the past year and look forward to many more.
Kristen Gonzales, Billing Manager, Arizona Therapy
I am ultra satisfied and extremely happy with the decision we made to go with bestPT. The best feedback I ever received was during my first conversation with our bestPT account manager. From that point forward, I made changes to my practice based on their advice. I am now able to grow my practice without the added pressures I previously had dealt with. They have opened my eyes to a better way to do business.
Nick Roselli (OTR/L, CHT), Nick Roselli Occuptational Therapy

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