5 Ways a Billing Software Benefits Physical Therapists

Written by Billing Dynamix

The integration of technology and software into various industries has accelerated in the past few years. This grew in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic forced nearly everybody to work remotely. However, those in professions that require a physical presence have dealt with especially challenging circumstances. A study by Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine revealed how the proliferation of new technologies has improved care outcomes and patient compliance and safety. Technology is also improving in the business and administration side of the health facilities offering physical therapy services. Software systems used for electronic health records, bookkeeping, and billing are just some examples. There are many ways that billing software, in particular, can help physical therapists. Here are five examples:

1. It helps physical therapists get paid faster

In-house billing services are notorious for slowing down the process of paying physical therapists (PT). The right billing software will provide PTs with features that increase timely payments. Claims processing is also much more efficient, and those that are denied often come with a solution to get it approved the next time via Electronic Remittance Advice. Physical therapy specialists can also have full visibility of their claim status while being afforded the peace of mind that payments will be processed on time.

2. It provides advanced access to patient records

Billing software programs today are also equipped with other advanced features that allow PTs to access important patient information and proper storage and retrieval of patient records. This kind of automation ensures patient records are updated and that they produce the proper invoices. Additionally, most PTs spend plenty of time reminding patients to complete paperwork, following up on appointments, and tracking patients’ progress. Billing software has those functionalities as well, saving staff time and your practice money.

3. It reduces billing errors

Each patient or client has specialized needs that must be accounted for during billing, and errors can often happen with systems that compute for these factors manually. This is especially true for patients who have coverage plans. For instance, Kelsey Care provides Medicare plans in Houston that can cover specific procedures such as the manual manipulation of the spine, which PTs usually manage. Some of these plans may even cover fitness programs and specific PT exercises. Using the right billing software will allow PTs to tag their clients according to their coverage plans to ensure payments are computed correctly. Billing software also ensures that you eliminate inaccurate manual data entries while handling billing and invoicing accurately.

4. It ensures compliance with industry standards

Management and billing systems should always be compliant with the latest industry standards. Having software that automatically incorporates information on current regulations is a must for your physical therapy practice to avoid any issues with the law later on. This is particularly important today since new COVID-19 measures and rules are still in place and constantly changing as restrictions become more lenient. Fully integrated telehealth solutions like Billing Dynamix can help PT practices treat patients remotely and bill them correctly.

5. It keeps data secure

Data privacy and security are of utmost importance these days, both for PT practices and Medicare providers handling client information. The most advanced billing software systems offer robust data security measures to protect sensitive patient information. Apart from the information in billing statements, personal information may be prone to breaches without security systems in place. By using the right software, PTs can establish a better relationship built on trust between their practice and clients.

Technology has helped transform client and patient care in physical therapy in many ways. With Billing Dynamix, you can make business operations smoother.