Billing Dynamix is now Integrated with Review Wave to Help You Boost Positive Online Reviews

Written by Thomas Jorno

You work hard to create happy patients, so why not make it known to consumers? Through our strategic partnerships, we strive to integrate with other world-class systems to bring you the best technology available for your success. Billing Dynamix is proud to announce that we now integrate with Review Wave to help you boost positive online reviews on autopilot!

Why Does Billing Dynamix Now Integrate with Review Wave?

On average, Review Wave clients get 10x their reviews in the first month! Case studies show that Review Wave’s automated feedback system helps boost your online visibility to bring new patients through your door every week. That said, we are proud to support a system that helps you obtain the 5-star reviews and new patients your office deserves!

Here Are Some of the Review Wave Features You’ll Love:

  • Automated & Customizable Feedback Requests
  • Negative Feedback Redirection
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Patient Reactivation
  • 2-Way Texting & Bulk Texting
  • Automated Birthday Greetings
  • Auto-Displayed Reviews on Your Website
  • Auto-Posted Reviews to Your Facebook Timeline
  • 24/7 Online Scheduling
  • The Scheduling App

Can Review Wave Help Us Prevent Negative Reviews?

Yes, Review Wave has negative feedback redirection. You see, even the best offices experience an unsatisfied patient from time to time. Instead of waiting until the patient vents their frustrations on the world wide web, Review Wave allows your patients a convenient medium (SMS) to express their negative experience, sending it directly to your support team for constructive feedback and positive follow up.

Does Review Wave Have a 24/7 Online Scheduling?

Review Wave has 24/7 online scheduling to help you keep your books packed with new patient appointments. We’re talking about the ability to quickly and easily convert website visitors into new patients by offering a simple button: “Schedule an Appointment.”

Use Online Scheduling to Increase Your Appointment Rate

The biggest benefit of offering online scheduling for your office is its impact on your appointment rate. Data shows that younger adults prefer not to talk on the phone (unless they’re texting, right?). Online scheduling allows potential new patients to not only schedule outside of your business hours, but do so without talking to a single soul.

In fact, Review Wave is designed to integrate with your schedule and display available time slots online. In other words, website visitors aren’t “requesting” an appointment (in which you would have to call to confirm, or often, reschedule); they are actually scheduling the appointment with your office (which only requires the patient to show up at their scheduled date & time). When used with appointment reminders, offices show dramatic improvements in their show rates.

Nowadays, consumers are most likely to find your business through your website or Google My Business listing. Adding an option for online scheduling will help you significantly increase the rate at which these visitors schedule with your office.

Does Review Wave Has a Custom Mobile App?

Yes, existing patients can download Review Wave’s Scheduling App and connect to Billing Dynamix to remove the manpower currently required for scheduling or rescheduling (if you wish) existing patient appointments. With PUSH notifications for Appointment Reminders and other communications, your office will drastically reduce no-shows by using Review Wave’s Scheduling App.

What Else Can Review Wave Do For You?

We here at Billing Dynamix care about your success. We understand the need to generate new patients, but we also know the importance of retaining existing patients as well. That’s why we chose to partner with Review Wave.

Reactivate Prior Patients

Prevailing wisdom states that the cost of acquiring a new patient is far above the cost of retaining an existing one. With a little focus on patient retention, your office can dramatically impact its profitability and growth. Another added benefit of Review Wave is that it lets you send out automatic (or manual) reactivation texts and/or emails to increase your patient retention rate without lifting a finger.

Send a Bulk Text to Communicate with Patients

Sometimes you need to communicate with all your patients at once, or a large group of them? For example, if your office closes early for an emergency, or bad weather shuts you down unexpectedly, or perhaps you just want to communicate a special offer. Instead of inefficiently calling each patient and taking their time on the phone, Review Wave allows you to easily send a bulk text when you need to communicate with your patient base. It even allows you to personalize the bulk message to deliver that personal touch!

Of course, you can always use their 2-way texting system to deliver that personal touch through individual texts, too. With 2-way texting, you’ll broaden your patient communication to offer convenience for both your patients and your team.

Automate Personalized Birthday Messages

Letting your patients know you care matters to their overall experience with your office. Sending every patient a personalized greeting on their birthday has never been simpler than with Review Wave. Simply toggle ON their automated birthday greetings and voilà!

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t have much to do with existing patients but improving your website’s placement on the list of results returned by a search engine is crucial to generating new patients. SEO is yet another benefit Review Wave can do for you.

The Best Technology Available for Your Success

We hope this goes to show how much we care about bringing you the best technology available for your success. In today’s connected society, there’s definitely a new business pillar to abide by: positive patient reviews generate new patients.

On behalf of all of us at Billing Dynamix, we’re proud to be partnered with Matt Prados and the team at Review Wave.

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