Therapy specific telehealth services that Cigna will cover during COVID-19 pandemic.

Written by Thomas Jorno

It has been reported that Cigna will allow providers to bill standard in-person visits for all telehealth visits, including those not related to COVID-19, through May 31.

Here are the therapy services, and their respective codes, that Cigna will cover when provided via telehealth through May 31.

Virtual care for physical, occupational and speech therapy services:
97161: physical therapy evaluation, complex, 20 minutes

97162: physical therapy evaluation, moderate complex, 30 minutes

97110: therapeutic exercises, two unit limit

97165: occupational therapy evaluation, low complexity, 30 minutes

97166: occupational therapy evaluation, moderate complexity, 45 minutes

97110: therapeutic exercises, two unit limit

92507: speech/hearing therapy

92565: oral function therapy