Communicating with Kids

Written by Thomas Jorno

When you’re not a natural “kid person.” Megan Cheng, SPT Children can be scary. I’m not talking about the teleporting dolls of horror movies – just regular pediatric ... Read More

Nick Blonski, UNM DPT, ’21 Over the past four months or so I have had the opportunity to see healthcare during the COVID-19 era from the perspective of a patient. This has allowed me to ... Read More

Treating the Whole Person.

Written by Thomas Jorno

The noncompliant patient who convinced me to study PT Megan Cheng, SPT We didn’t do any therEx. It was, in a way, the least physical physical-therapy appointment I’d ever seen.   But ... Read More

The Importance of Language in Your Practice

Written by Thomas Jorno

Jonathan Lewis, SPT In school, you will be exposed to a vast and alien vocabulary composed of similar words that denote important distinctions: cerebrum and cerebellum, optical and ocular, ... Read More Body Balance control is the ability of a person to move and do daily living activities independently. It involves a series of functions of visual, hearing and ... Read More

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